On Being a First-Year Student

A Hidden Perspective in the Design Studio






student’s experience, first-year experience, reflections


This research provides an important opportunity to advance our understanding of the evolving conception of learning in the design studio and specifically how first year students at architecture schools adapt to their new learning environment.

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Al Maani , D. (2019). On Being a First-Year Student: A Hidden Perspective in the Design Studio. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 14–17. https://doi.org/10.51588/eaaeacp.1



Author Biography

Duaa Al Maani , Cardiff University

Duaa al Maani is a PhD candidate at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. She is interested in educational research within design-based subjects with a particular focus on independent learning. She is researching learning independence and other hidden perspectives in the design studio, primarily through reconstructing students’ lived experience during their first year at architecture school. She has presented research papers at various international conferences within and outside the UK during the past two years.


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