Students’ Approaches to Participation in Informal Architectural Education Environments

‘Betonart Architecture Summer School (BMYO)’ as a Case Study





architecture education, informal education, workshops in architecture, summer school, Betonart Architectural Summer School


There have been various paradigms, which effect the architectural practice as well as education (Salama, 1995). Environmental, social, economic, political and technological aspects of these are being often discussed in the last decades, throughout the world (Nicol, D.; Pilling, S., 2000). The way of learning and performing practice, the tools and methods that are being used for it and the spaces that these processes take place are shifting with the change of information and technology. Under these circumstances architectural education has faced difficulties in being up to date in particular about curriculum, program and physical requirements. While instant solutions give instant results, it is inevitable that rooted solutions will be encountered to keep up with this rapid change. For this reason, countless ‘informal education’ activities are being implemented, such as competitions, workshops, assemblies, forums, publications, etc.

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İmamoğlu, N., & Arabacıoğlu, F. P. (2019). Students’ Approaches to Participation in Informal Architectural Education Environments: ‘Betonart Architecture Summer School (BMYO)’ as a Case Study. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 88–93.



Author Biographies

Neslihan İmamoğlu, Yıldız Technical University

Neslihan graduated from the department of architecture at Yeditepe University in 2012. She continues her post-graduate studies in the architectural design program at the Yıldız Technical University. She has been working on physical environment and design perception under the umbrella of TAG Platform since 2012. She has been undertaking the role of an editor, publication coordinator and content developer at architectural publications, workshops, and events initiated by Binat Communication and Consultancy, since 2013. She took part in architectural competitions as jury member, jury secretary and part of the organization board.

F. Pınar Arabacıoğlu, Yıldız Technical University

Born in 1976 in Karlsruhe, Germany, Pınar Arabacıoğlu has graduated from Sankt Georg Austrian Girls' High School. She completed her undergraduate studies in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and got her master’s and Ph.D. degrees in Yıldız Technical University Architectural Design Program. She has been a faculty member in Yıldız Technical University Department of Architecture since 2001. Starting with her education she has been both a participant and part of the organization board in various national and international workshops. She took part as a designer in numerous national architectural competitions, where she received several awards. She has held various administrative positions in YTU Faculty of Architecture. She continues her studies in fields such as Architectural Education, Historical Environment-Design Relationship, Socio-cultural Themes in Architectural Design, Infographic Design.