Filmic Commoning

Exposing Infra and Intra‑stial Urban Conditions


  • Sarah Mills Leeds Beckett University




trans-disciplinary, essayistic, narratives, process, School of Art, Architecture and Design


Cinematic Commons’ research and practice explores active relationships between film, architecture and city through 'essayistic gaze', 'journeying long take' and 'filmic commoning'. It weaves together filmic techniques, an essayist approach, scenographic constructs, architectural intervention and issues of public space, or 'commons', as a way to restore cities as sites for productive dreaming.

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Mills, S. (2019). Filmic Commoning: Exposing Infra and Intra‑stial Urban Conditions. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 122–127.



Author Biography

Sarah Mills, Leeds Beckett University

Sarah Mills is Head of Subject, Architecture and Landscape at Leeds Beckett University and Head of Leeds School of Architecture. She co-directs the MArch Studio 'Cinematic Commons' whose work has been exhibited internationally and jointly founded Group Ginger an architecture and design group, winners of the Building Design Journal's Best Small Practice Award, 2018. Sarah's research reconsiders future models for interdisciplinary practice and the relationship between architecture and film in challenging urban conditions.