Studio Education at FA CTU, its Current and Possible Structuring





landscape architecture, architectural education, research assistant


Recently, I left the educational process at the Faculty of architecture and was given the opportunity to work as an assistant at the studio classes (so-called atelier). As a fresh graduate, I entered the teaching process with the student's insight, but gradually I was confronted with the situation on the ‘other side’. The position of the fresh graduate has many advantages. For example, still up-to-date insight into the bureaucratic system of the faculty — with other words, knowing how it goes. On the other hand, one encounters questions: how to teach properly? In the present days a new field of study is still forming at the faculty: Landscape architecture, which was previously brought into the curriculum in the form of a module focused on garden and landscape architecture. There is room for some possible changes. At the faculty, questions also are arising on what the ideal composition of subjects of this newly shaped field should be, how much it has to do with architecture and how it is projecting in the environment disciplines.

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Chmelová, A. (2019). Studio Education at FA CTU, its Current and Possible Structuring. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 198–203.



Author Biography

Adéla Chmelová, Czech Technical University in Prague

Attained master degree at FA CTU in Prague (module Garden and Landscape Architecture) between 2012–2018. Enrolled in doctoral studies since 2018 at FA CTU (tutor Vladimír Sitta). Since 2018 she is a Research Assistant in the studio of Vladimír Sitta (Terragram) at the FA CTU in Prague. She completed her internship by Rehwaldt Landschaftsarchitekten Dresden in 2017 and since 2018 cooporates with Rehwaldt.


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