Model Based Drafting

The Anatomy of Study Models and their Hidden Influence on Architecture Education


  • Wolfgang List Graz University of Technology




Drafting and designing in architecture involve an iterative process of testing and comparing architectural thoughts and ideas. The goal of this iterative process is to find the best of several possible solutions, at each stage of the design process. To bring these architectural thoughts and ideas to reality designers need tools. Tools for discussing ideas and writing, sketching, plan drawing and model making for explaining, documenting and testing thoughts. But do the users of these tools, the designers, really know how these tools work or do the designers use these tools only out of habit? Some tools are already known for how they transport ideas, other tools are used out of behaviour without understanding their deeper impact on transporting thoughts and generating new ideas.

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List, W. (2019). Model Based Drafting: The Anatomy of Study Models and their Hidden Influence on Architecture Education. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 204–209.



Author Biography

Wolfgang List, Graz University of Technology

Wolfgang List is a founding member of the architecture practice MOSTLIKELY. He held workshops and lectures at the Escuela Taller de Bogotá, the New Design University in St. Pölten, the Vienna University of Technology and the Tongji University in Shanghai. He published the books ‘most likely design’, ‘4.3.–23.3. Team Wien’ and ‘Demolished Modified Endangered’. Since 2016 Wolfgang List teaches and researches at the Institute of Construction and Design Principles at Graz University of Technology.


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