Technology’s Integration in Architecture

Implications on Education, Technology and Place





architecture, education, technology, teaching, fetish


This paper identifies two visions of the challenge of technology integration in architecture for education. Then, the appropriateness of conceiving architecture from a holistic perspective of the human dwelling is suggested, proposing an awareness of its technological aspects. Finally, some considerations of technology in architecture, in particular in teaching and learning are challenged, first analytically and then with an integrative intention.

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Meraz, F. A. (2019). Technology’s Integration in Architecture: Implications on Education, Technology and Place. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 216–221.



Author Biography

Fidel A. Meraz, University of the West of England

Senior Lecturer in Architecture with an established career in teaching architecture. He has participated in the planning, validation and pedagogical direction of architectural and design programmes, and served as external examiner. He is Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His research focuses on philosophical approaches to relationships between spatiality, temporality and the architectural place, as well as on issues of collective memory, heritage conservation and cultural identity.


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