Students' Technical Drawings from the 1920s


  • Iva Muraj University of Zagreb





the Royal Technical High School, teaching, building construction, technical drawings, traditional building structures


The Zagreb EAAE 2019 Annual Conference provides a unique opportunity to reflect the theme of 100-years long teaching of technical disciplines to architecture students and to present a selection of their early works created from the 1919s to the 1926s in construction courses at the Royal Technical High School of Architecture. When founded in 1919, the Zagreb Faculty of Architecture was originally named the Royal Technical High School. Until 1926 in architecture department four generations of architects were educated and altogether forty architects received the Royal Technical High School diploma. The name of the school itself meant that the educational context of construction courses was a distinct feature of the school. The teaching of technical disciplines to architecture students has long been recognized as important and challenging. In building construction courses’ syllabus students gain technical knowledge in technical drawing, building construction systems, building materials, structures, elements and detailing of construction systems.

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Muraj, I. (2019). Uncovered: Students’ Technical Drawings from the 1920s. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 222–227. https://doi.org/10.51588/eaaeacp.41



Author Biography

Iva Muraj, University of Zagreb

Iva Muraj, Dipl.Eng.Arch., Ph.D., Associate Professor, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Zagreb in 1996 where she began her career in 2000 as a junior researcher and assistant in the Department of Architectural Technology and Building Science. In 2004 she received her M.Sc. degree with her thesis on 'Modern Architecture in the Work of Egon Steinmann' and her Ph.D. in 2009 with her dissertation entitled 'Historical Buildings in Contemporary Usage'.


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