The Slowness From Latent Aspects to Relevant Agency


  • Zorana Protić University of Zagreb




assignment, substance, technique, awareness, alternative


Most of the artificial assembly that surrounds us is made through a series of processes, and the finalised objects emerge from an operation of multitude of devices. Since each space carries with it something of the being that designed it, every artefact hides some technical invention. The general trend of market uniformity, technological mass, and a constant flow of materials that stimulate our senses, reduces our ability to consider alternatives and possible deviations from the omnipresent. One of the potentials of education is to slow down the process and draw our attention to a material world. Material world itself can be considered from two sides: as a structural matter or as a conceptual strategy. In such a way, the material character of architecture and concentration on the matter becomes a substantive medium of design.

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Protić, Z. (2019). The Slowness From Latent Aspects to Relevant Agency. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 228–233.



Author Biography

Zorana Protić, University of Zagreb

Author developed professionally through several collaborations and realisations and received numerous awards by participating in forty architectural competitions. In her PhD architectural research, she focused on abstinence approach and potentials of minimal interventions and demolition on the examples of spatial practices. Through education work she developed a particular interest in possible alternative approaches to spatial production.