Talking About the Hidden in Architectural Education




The European Association of Architectural Education’s annual conference of 2019 was held at the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb from August 28th to 31st. Titled ‘The Hidden School’, it aimed to open a discussion on the substance and quality of architectural education, an architecture school’s true character, the traits which – however explicitly or implicitly manifested – embody the school’s culture and identity. The conference explored the subliminal quality of architectural education less apparent just by reading the curricula or following evaluation procedures, yet which represent a substantial quality or the culture of a school, quite clearly legible to those engaging in it. The invitation to explore this topic proposed five aspects of a school as triggers, focusing on tacit meanings situated between the lines of the syllabus, the spirit generated by students contributing to it or the educators personifying it, informal learning modalities, spaces it inhabits: the Educator, the Content, the Process, the Place, the Student. The scientific committee placed a question to the participating schools: “If the hidden school exists in parallel or as a background process, a self-generated search for fundamental answers, and its interpretation, manifestation or legibility has a multitude of facets, how can these aspects be captured?” Is it possible to assess the ‘hidden’?

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Author Biographies

Mia Roth-Čerina, University of Zagreb

Mia Roth-Čerina, PhD, is an architect and associate professor at the Department of Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb, as well as a Council member of the EAAE. She has taught architectural design since 2001, won numerous architectural competitions and awards, led extracurricular workshops exploring new modalities in higher architectural education, served as a member of national and international professional, public and faculty bodies, engaged as guest critic and jury member, written and exhibited on both her work and research interests. Since 2016 she has been serving as Vice-dean of international relations and art at her Faculty, during which time she has extensively worked on involving the school in the pinnacle of relevant architectural education discussions.

Roberto Cavallo, Delft University of Technology

Roberto Cavallo is associate professor at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment of the Delft University of Technology where he teaches since 1996. He is member of the Architectural Research Network ARENA and editor of AJAR, Arena Journal of Architectural Research. On behalf of the Faculty / Department of Architecture, he is leading several research initiatives in The Netherlands and abroad and he is the TU Delft responsible for the International Doctorate in Architecture Villard d’Honnecourt headed by the IUAV in Venice. He has extensive experience in organizing and coordinating international workshops, symposia and conferences and is often member of scientific committees in international academic events in The Netherlands and abroad. His various scientific publications are ranging from the urban to the architectural project.