Both of Stuff and Not

A Teaching Experience in the Contemporary Condition





architectural design, architectural theory, Italy, teaching


Architecture is a quite elusive discipline, both unleashed and restrained by a perennial calling into question of its own fundamentals. Being and becoming an architect means to cast a doubtful, unsatisfied, interrogative gaze on the world and especially on the world of architecture. Teaching such a (self-) critical discipline is, therefore, an intrinsically impossible task. Of course, syllabuses include specific competencies such as drawing, history, structures, law, economics... but when it comes to integrating them into the architectural project, any fixed framework becomes questionable, and it is precisely this questioning that makes design architectural, offering that necessary potential which can turn mere building into architecture.

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Corbellini, G. (2020). Both of Stuff and Not: A Teaching Experience in the Contemporary Condition. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 28–43.



Author Biography

Giovanni Corbellini, Polytechnic University of Turin

Giovanni Corbellini (1959), architect, PhD, critic of contemporary architecture. He taught in Venice, Ferrara, Milan, Trieste and is currently Full professor of architectural design at the Polytecnhic of Turin. His latest books are Ex libris. 16 keywords of contemporary architecture (2018), Telling Spaces (2018),  Recycled Theory: Illustrated Dictionary (with Sara Marini, 2016), Dr. Corbellini’s Pills ( 2016), Bioreboot. The architecture of R&Sie(n) (2009).


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