Problematic Flexibility as an Asset for a Thorough Reflection on Architectural Education


  • Dag Boutsen KU Leuven




experimental teaching, (de-)schooling, playing field, nomadic school, shared space


This paper is exploring the benefits and assets of an educational experiment without clear ownership. More specifically, it is about a form of democracy of doing in almost all the phases of a continuous exercise in the WTC1-tower in Brussels. An unintended lack of control over the different event processes led to a curious form of critical thinking about the “context” for architectural ‘schooling’, which is generally understood as necessary. The very special experiment contains many more elements than anyone could have foreseen.

How to Cite

Boutsen, D. (2020). Problematic Flexibility as an Asset for a Thorough Reflection on Architectural Education. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 210–225.



Author Biography

Dag Boutsen, KU Leuven

Dag Boutsen, dean of the Faculty of Architecture KU Leuven, is an architect. He worked with Lucien Kroll for over 20 years on urban and architectural constellations in Dordrecht, Leeuwarden, Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Berlin, Eupen, Belfort, Montbelliard-Bethoncourt, etc… and on design research projects in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Leipzig and Arnhem. All these projects were based on co-creative design, trust-based architecture and participatory processes. The ‘Zilvervloot’ in Wielwijk, Dordrecht (2000-2007) is one of the most important projects. As a dean, Dag works hard on facing the crucial challenges that face schools of architecture and architects today. Especially in university contexts. He tries to define what a Faculty of Architecture (°2013) is all about.