Third year student install a pop-up exhibition at a local gallery, 2019
Extramural but not Extracurricular

Revealing Hidden Learning through the Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) in Architectural Education


  • Simon Beeson Arts University Bournemouth




extramural, motivation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, employability


This paper considers the introduction of a Personal Development Portfolio into our assessment for architectural education. When revising out undergraduate course structure we moved to a fully integrated model, where assessment was based on a portfolio or ‘body of work’ produced during a ten-week studio project. These projects introduce, develop and integrate understanding and ability of the key knowledge and skills of the curriculum; design, communication, realisation (technology) and contextual studies. Each year of study also includes one unit where professional knowledge is also assessed. Alongside these ‘learning outcomes’ we introduced a PDP: a separate report documenting and reflecting on everything that falls outside the predicted aims of the project.

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Beeson, S. (2019). Extramural but not Extracurricular: Revealing Hidden Learning through the Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) in Architectural Education. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 30–35.



Author Biography

Simon Beeson, Arts University Bournemouth

Simon Beeson studied at the University of Manchester, Hull School of Architecture and the University of Minnesota. He has practiced as an architect, public artist and educator. In 2007 he established the BA (Hons)Architecture course at Arts University Bournemouth, where he is currently Course Leader. He was a Research Fellow at the Henry Moore Institute (Leeds, 2002–3), Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop (2018). and at Stiftung Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp (Berlin, 2019). He is current a candidate for PhD Architecture by Design at the University of Edinburgh.


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