Positioning Research in Architecture: Problem-Oriented Methodologies


  • Martin Luce
  • Mieke Pfarr-Harfst
  • Judith Reeh
  • Jörg Schröder
  • Oliver Tessmann



The architectural disciplines are called for a strong and inspiring position in current challenges of European societies. In public and political debates, their role for the ecological reconfiguring of the whole building sector, for the transition of cities to climate-neutrality and resilience, but also for social inclusion, accessibility, and affordability is increasingly acclaimed. And, in particular by the initiative New European Bauhaus, the holistic approach of architecture is seen as an asset, not at least for a cultural and behavioural change to sustainability that stresses the value of everyday living spaces and new aesthetics.

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Luce, M., Pfarr-Harfst, M., Reeh, J., Schröder, J., & Tessmann, O. (2023). Positioning Research in Architecture: Problem-Oriented Methodologies. EAAE Annual Conference Proceedings, 1(1), 69. Retrieved from https://publishings.eaae.be/index.php/annual_conference/article/view/143